Álvaro Martín Olmos

Phone number: 687784745

The wolf will always be bad if you only listen to Little Red Riding Hood

Álvaro Martín Olmos has a Degree in Law at the University of the Balearic Islands. He is Master in Family Law (UIB) and University Specialist in Resolution of Civil & Comercial Law Conflicts by Mediation (FUEIB).

Álvaro does his work principally as a criminal lawyer and as a familiar lawyer too. In the criminal spherehe focuses his professional work on defending and representing all kind of crimes. In the familiar field,he focuses his work on divorces, separations, under-age issues and gender violence.

Also works as a teacher at the Cruz Roja in Majorca.

  • Criminal Law
  • Gender Violence
  • Divorces and separations
  • Under-age issues
  • Criminal liability

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